AWEA Conference - Chicago '09

Davis Rebar and Davis JD Steel packed up their teams and headed for the windy city of Chicago for an AWEA conference. We spent 3 days fostering the current relationships we have with our customers and developing new relationships with people we hope to be our customers. The AWEA conference provided us with a chance to get together and discuss the upcoming year and a few of our goals. What a change in pace to actually see our customers face-to-face rather than to communicate over the phone! Overall, it was a very successful convention which gave us some quality time together to enjoy the city with friends and associates.

DAVIS JD Steel first annual foremen's meeting

On January 24th, 2009 Davis JD Steel held its first annual foremen's meeting at the Lower Midwest Regional Headquarters in Polo, Missouri. Although these meetings are held regionally each quarter, this gathering provided a first-time-experience for a company wide meeting. Foremen were brought in from across the country to participate in this inaugural gathering. To place further emphasis on the importance of this congregation, managing partners Jeff Green, and Cary Newton, as well as Davis Rebar Division Manager, Roger Struble were in attendance. More than 80 Davis JD Steel employees and managers were present to partake in the day's activities.

Discussed at our meeting were several concepts. Attendees were asked to observe and participate in several presentations and discussions on safety, company policies, and company procedures. Regional Directors, Safety Managers, and Area Superintendents were asked to prepare and present on various subjects.

Getting us off to the right start was Tammy Calderon with Alliance Work Partners. Alliance is contracted by Mobile Medical who is sponsored by IMPACT in order to better serve our Safety Training. Tammy was brought in to give "reasonable suspicion training" to Davis JD foremen. The purpose of this training is to educate supervisors on how to recognize when an employee shows signs of impairment at work as well as what steps must be taken in the event that an employee proves to be impaired. Tammy made it very clear that substance abuse is just one facet of impairment. She also included a lack of sleep or drowsiness due to medications as forms of impairment. Being that this was a formal training session, all attendees were awarded certifications for course completion. In addition to this certification, Davis JD Steel requires all field supervisors to have a minimum OSHA 10, and CPR/ First Aid certification. While the reasonable suspicion training is not a requirement in Davis JD Steel's area of operations, it was decided that it is a necessary tool in an ongoing effort to create an accident free work environment.

It seems that the highlight of the day was the phenomenal lunch that was provided by the superb planning of the Davis JD Steel Lower Midwest's Bev Hamilton. Organizing the event, Bev knew that there would be approximately 80 hungry people to feed and provided the necessary sustenance for the work at hand.

All-in-all, the first annual company-wide foremen's meeting was a monumental success! We appreciate the hard work and dedication of the Lower Midwest Region's Polo Office in organizing and executing a first-class event such as this. We look forward to our next get-together and are now contemplating its location.

Menlo Iowa Slip

Davis/ JD Steel, LLC. has a diverse set of skilled Ironworkers able to take on any type of project. This slip form in Menlo Iowa consisted of 435 tons of rebar. The completion schedule for these Two - 75 ft. in diameter, and 150 ft. tall silos was four and one half days. Rebar crews worked 24 hours until the structure was complete. The photo above was taken at dawn on the second day of construction. The mid January temperatures ranged from 10 above to below zero wind chills for the duration of the project. You can See how the finished project looks during the day.

Davis/JDSteel Pheasant hunt in Mitchell South Dakota

Some of our Owners, Managers and Superintendents got together for a fabulous weekend of pheasant hunting in Mitchell South Dakota. It started out with the birds winning as our shooting abilities were a bit rustic. But as time went on we gathered our wits amongst us and started to prevail. It was a good chance for all levels to get together and socialize and do something most men like and that's hunt. Look forward to making this an annual event and hoping we can get more participation from all levels next year. Until next year Happy Trails and good hunting.

From the DavisJD Group

DJD/LLC works with Harris in Ontario on the Enbridge Wind project

DJD/LLC is working with Harris currently on two wind project for White Construction from the states. Harris has provided the Materials and both companies are providing Management and Labor. The two projects together total 5000 ton. We like to thank the Local 759 Ironworkers for there support and Great Rodbusters. Take a look at ours crews and their near picture perfect product.

Rich, Great JOB!!!


You are looking at a twin 30 story building project. With about 1.3 million square feet, the apporximate value is just over 2.6 million dollars and is located in West Palm on Singer Island.

The buildings used an estimated 4,500 tons of rebar, 1.17 million pounds of post tensioning and 4,333 stud rails. 2700 Ocean Blvd is scheduled to finish June of 2007.

Great Job!!! Hey I can see my house from up there.


West Virginia Dept. of Roads

Over the Ohio River

Main Span Pier #4 The Bent cap is 100' long and 16' high weighing nearly 50 tons. Louie Leon and Kevin Massey were the Managers for Davis/Stresscon.

Another job well done Kevin and Louie!!!!

Blennerhassett Bridge

Whoever said that working in teams was absolutely right! In our partnership with Davis Stresscon, we have been fortunate in the Blennerhassett Bridge project! With approximately 5,000 tons of rebar located in West Virginia and under the guidance of Louie Leon and Kevin Massey from Davis Rebar, this project was sure to be successful! The column for the bridge is 37 tons and is 87 feet long. Working for the Walsh Construction company as the general contractor, the bridge is over the Ohio River and is owned by the WDOT. We have had an extremely successful time working with our fellow ironworkers in the Parkersburg Ironworkers Local. Congratulations to a phenomenal group in their teamwork and success!!

Isn't it awesome? This is what teamwork can produce!

Take A Look At Texas!

What comes to mind when you think of Texas? Is it the cowboys, 10 gallon hats, and boots? Or could it be the Tex-Mex cuisine that was the rage of just a few years back? Not that either, huh? How about being in the south? Does that strike a chord with thoughts of Texas? Well, for Davis Rebar ironworkers, when we think of Texas, we think of Toyota!

Since January 24, 2005, George Marks and his team of incredible ironworkers have been in San Antonio, Texas working on completing one of the biggest projects ever: The Toyota Manufacturing Plant!

With no small task at hand, George was quick to take the reigns of leadership and make the most of balmy weather and even the threat of Mother Nature as Hurricane Katrina threatened.

Still think that this is just another rebar-tying project? Think again. George will be the first to tell anyone within earshot that he and his team are capable of installing more than 100 tons of rebar in three days! Can anyone else boast such impressive numbers?

Congratulations to George Marks and his team of rodbusters on a job well done! (Still need convincing? Take a look at some of the pictures that George has sent in! We're sure, once you witness what they've done, you'll no longer question their abilities!)

Stand in awe at George Marks and his team of awesome rodbusters in San Antonio, Texas!

How To Manage Your Mouth!!

Have you ever had the feeling that you should open mouth and insert shoe? With a Manager's Meeting come and gone, there was one other activity that Davis Rebar, Inc. managers were asked to endure.

Spending the night at the Nebraska City Lied Lodge, each divisional manager of Davis Rebar was asked to rise early (no different than usual), have breakfast, and get ready to learn, from an energizing individual, how to manage his/her mouth. Yes, that's right. We sat through an all-day seminar event which, we hoped, would help to improve communication skills between ourselves and those we encounter in our differing roles for work.

After a hearty breakfast, we all made our way to the conference room to which we were assigned. Then, Susan Carnahan came in. We sat down and readied ourselves for an event like no other.

She began simply by stating that men and women were different creatures. It is because of these differences that we communicate differently.

By the end of the day, we had covered such topics as negotiation, organization, and listening. All in all, it was an insightful experience which lent a wealth of knowledge. All of us at Davis Rebar, Inc. would like to thank Susan Carnahan for an experience that we aren't soon to forget!

Managing our mouths!

Mickey Who?!?

Forget Disney World, what's that huge thing that's coming up in West Palm Beach, Florida?

As passers by stop and stare, they wonder, "What is this?" A simple reply from our resident ironworkers: "This is the Marina Grande project that Davis/Whaley is working on now!"

Awe inspiring and quite formidable, this project looms on the Florida coast. Residing in beautiful West Palm Beach, Florida, this project has worked over 2,200 tons of rebar and over 400,000 pounds of post tensioning! Isn't that awesome?!

We couldn't stop the bragging inspire you further, in Building A, there are 13,850 square feet per floor that is laid, there is a cycle of one week per floor building, and it doesn't stop there! Building B has 21,850 square feet per floor to add to the project!

You guessed it, they are mad rebar tyers down in Florida! We know that our General Contractor, United Forming is more than pleased! In addition to being our GC, United Forming is also providing forms and concrete for this project.

Congratulations to all the Local 846 Ironworkers for their continually amazing efforts!

Awesome job, Local 846-ers in Florida! Way to beat the storms!!

Omaha Safety Rodeo 2005

Round `em up!

The first Safety Rodeo of 2005 was held on Friday, September 16th at the Davis Rebar headquarters in Omaha, NE.

With the culinary stylings of Willie Bleich,the creativity and fabulous driving of Master Conductor, Randy Greer, and the skill of our crane operators, many of our ironworker's families found themselves plesantly surpised.

Those in attendance were able to enjoy Willie's famous bar-b-que, a ride on a scissor lift, and driving one big crane! Some were even brave enough to try their hand at welding! (Such brave souls we have here at Davis!)

It was great to see so many ironworkers and their families!

Congratulations on a safe job well-done! We hope to see you all there next year in celebration of your good and safe work!

**To see more photos of this year's Safety Rodeo, click here.**

Anticipation Abound!

Davis Rebar, Inc. is looking forward to opening an office in Baton Rouge, Louisiana! In light of recent events and the natural disaster that appears to have taken the south by storm, Davis Rebar, Inc. has set its sights on helping to rebuild the south by doing what we do best: building strength.

We hope to be able to "set-up shop" soon so that the rebuilding of once great cities can begin. We here at Davis Rebar, Inc. are anticipating the need for quality rodmen and experienced managment teams to ensure that building strength is a priority in aiding our bretheren in the south.

Check back with us as we will keep our site updated regularly with our progress. If you would like to participate, please feel free to contact us at Davis Rebar, Inc. You can contact Roger Struble, the Davis Rebar, Inc. Division Manager by finding his contact information on the Staff page.

We look forward to hearing from you and opening up our office in Baton Rouge!!

The Winning Shot! Congratulations on a great finish!


It appears that Davis Rebar, Inc. has a lot to brag about! In an attempt to reach out to our community, Davis Rebar, Inc. agreed to sponsor a soccer team. After a grueling line-up of tough competitors, we at Davis Rebar would like to say congratulations to the Davis Rebar, Inc. sponsored Soccer team on their 2nd place finish in a recent tournament. We would also like to offer a special congratulations to several Davis Rebar, Inc. employees:

Margarito Nolasco

Noe Nolasco

Juan Nolasco and

Avi Salas

With hard work and dedication in the field and on job sites, it's no wonder that these ironworkers also make great sportsmen! Conratulations on an exciting finish!

Latham, Kansas, Here We Are!

If you didn't already know it, Davis Rebar, Inc. is in Kansas! The Elk River Windmills Project in Latham, Kansas is a sight to be seen!

With Jerry Manes as the Project Superintendant and Chad Struble as the Project Foreman, it's no wonder that this job was completed in no time! Both Jerry and Chad, with their incredible rodbuster team, madethe 2,500 tons of rebarinstallation appear to be quick and painless.It is inspiring to see thatkind of tonnage installed ina mere 45 days!Amazing, isn't it?

Our General Contractor, M.A. Mortenson, should be pleased with the work that has been done in order to keep a timely and efficient project running!

Congratulations to Chad and his team for performing above and beyond the call of duty!With such a record of performance, the question becomes:"Where do we put you all next?!" Kudos to this team for a job well done!!

Amazing what a good team of ironworkers can do in 45 days, isn't it?

Local 846 Leads the Way

Local 846 Teams Up for Foreman upgrading training.
Saturday June 11th, 2005, Roger Struble along with Justin of J.D. and guest speaker Mike Naccrato, Structural Engineer and Dave Sowls, Safety Director Teamed up with Local 846 To implement our first Foreman upgrading class in the Midwest region. There were 17 Rodbusters that attended the class for Lesson Plan 1-3 of an 18 lesson course. There were employees from Davis, J.D. and Stresscon, Local 846, Local 21, Local 67, and Local 416, also. The class was a great success, and everyone who attended felt they had gained some valuable knowledge. Every two weeks we will continue the 18 lesson plan instructing three lessons each class.

Randy Smith, the 846 Training director, spent two days with the instructors teaching them how two instruct the class. Randy Smith, along with the JATC for Local 846, wrote the lesson Plan directed at Rebar Installation directly.

Congratulations to all involved, from Steve Parker and Frank Pawala of Local 846 and Randy Smith and Bernie Evers of the Iron workers International. But the most of all thanks goes to Joe Hunt, the President of the Ironworkers International, for his Vision and Dedication to this great Union of ours.

Click Images For Larger View


This is our newest Davis/Stresscon Joint Venture project and is located in Weston, Wisconsin. This 500 megawatt coal powerhouse is being engineered by Black and Veatch and the prime contractor is Babcock & Wilcox. We are installing 4,500 tons of rebar for the foundations, boiler slabs, turbine foundation and miscellaneous other structures as a subcontractor to Miron Construction. At the peak of the project, Davis/Stresscon will employ approximately 25 rodbusters.


Tim Boyd and his 27 man crew completed 79 windtower foundations at the Callahan Wind Divide Farm near Abilene, Texas in December. They completed this project in 30 days amid adverse weather including 2 weeks of almost continuous rain. Congratulations to Tim and his crew for a great job!


Davis Rebar would like to thank Randy Georgensen, Area Superintendent and Matt Bell, Project Manager for another job well done! Pictured here is the installation crew for the 1,100 ton fast track for the Des Moines Public Library project. Miron Construction, headquartered in Wisconsin, was the General Contractor on the job. We would also like to thank Ironworkers Local #67 for their efforts and support on this project. The building is shaped like an airplane wing and the roof is designed to hold a park on top. This job consisted of a two-way flat slab design. Thanks again to everyone who was involved in making this project a success!

Davis Rebar Joint Ventures with Stresscon on Mid-American Energy 790 MG Coal Plant

Davis and Stresscon were successful on a 7,000 ton supply and install rebar contract with Hitachi/Kvaerner-Songer. Our crew installed 2,000 tons of rebar on the boiler foundation in 30 days. Congratulations to our crew. Davis and Stresscon are currently pursuing numerous other energy projects together across the country. The two companies together have annual revenue of over 80M and bonding capacity of over 40M. Their ability to draw quality supervision and crews from all parts of the company and they have worked together on many other projects on a national basis. It is our people that make the difference. Davis has the contacts to joint-venture with local installers to give our customers the best of both worlds.Davis/stresscon wants to thank Ironworkers Local #21 for their help and support on this project. Thanks again Bill and Ron.

Historical Signing


Local #846 is a new local union just for rodbusters. The agreement will help to recapture the market for union rodbusters. It will allow for 100% portability of our rodbusters in 24 states and establish competitive rates so we can compete on all levels. This was a courageous step taken by the International Ironworkers. We are already seeing tremendous results for both parties. For more information, please contact Bernie Evers at the International. The number is 202-383-4851. We extend our greatest gratitude to President Hunt, Bernie Evers and Steve Parker for all their hard work. We look forward to this union growing to a level beyond all of our expectations. We are working together to build training facilities that will be available to all members and will offer upgraded programs with hands on training at a state of the art facility. Thanks again to all the efforts by Washington, DC.

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